Our two flagship products, “Velocity” and “Amazon PowrBlend” are absolutely phenomenal! We have received testimonials of incredible success from many who have had the opportunity to use the Velocity Rapid Weight Loss supplement. The Amazon PowrBlend is no different. Our patented Pure Dried Process maintains more nutrients than any other process to date. The vitamin-packed, antioxidant-rich PowrBlend is a benchmark in this industry. These two products have created positive results for many within the very first day of using them.

The Amazon PowrBlend

Our PowrBlend combines the world’s most authentic and antioxidant-packed super fruits to produce the most natural and nutritious health powder on the market today. Our main power fruits, Camu-Camu, Cupuacu, and Acai, come straight from the Amazon rainforest and are blended through a patented Pure Dried process that maintains more nutrients than any other process to date. While other companies obtain their high levels of vitamin and mineral concentration through fruit extracts and synthetic imitations, the Amazon PowrBlend is all-natural and 100% pure fruit content.

Velocity Rapid Weight Loss

This once a day supplement also contains a blend of the main power fruits combined with a proprietary weight loss formula to accelerate weight loss and provide up to 8 hours of energy. With natural caffeine from the fruits, the energy boost does not cause the usual crash. It is an all-natural, healthy way to lose weight and manage the weight loss long term!

The Sample Packs

These packs are a great tool for every distributor. They include testimonials, ingredient and nutrition information, and more. These packs can be purchased through your back office.

EpiCor Immune System Balancer

EpiCor is an all-natural nutritional health ingredient used in dietary supplements like Velocity and the Amazon PowrBlend that helps support the immune system. It is a unique, complex ingredient comprised of protein, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and other metabolites. Taken daily, EpiCor has been shown to be a safe and effective way to help support immune health and maintain wellness. Unlike many other immune health ingredients on the market, EpiCor does not stimulate or “boost” the body’s immune system; it balances it. A balanced immune system makes the appropriate response at the right time. EpiCor is clinically proven to be a safe and effective way to help support immune health for year-round health and wellness. As with most things in life, balance is best. Supporting the body at the first level of immune defense, the innate immune system (or mucosal barrier), EpiCor helps activate Natural Killer (NK) cells, an integral part of immune defense. Research shows that EpiCor also works further down the line when the adaptive immune system kicks in by activating B cells, which support antibody production. EpiCor also contains antioxidants that further support a healthy body by scavenging dangerous free radicals. Studies conducted on EpiCor suggests that it is unlikely for EpiCor to interact with over-the-counter and prescription drugs. However, as with any dietary supplement, consultation with a physician is recommended before beginning any supplement program.

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